Finding and developing talent in Asset & Wealth Management

With increasing emphasis on technological advances such as fintech and robo-advisory, as well as the ongoing complexities surrounding risk and compliance, asset/wealth management firms face stiffer challenges than ever before. Leaders must be able to sustain growth and profitability while defining corporate strategy, implementing a vision for the future, and managing the ever-changing balance of people and technology. 

Key Opportunities & Trends

  • Large movement from wirehouse and bulge bracket to RIAs and single/multi-family offices.

  • Moving upstream with a 'team-lift' of top-producers for an existing or new/growth market.

  • Building effective product partner teams with Planners, Business Development, Trust Services, etc.


  • Association for Corporate Group (ACG)

  • American Banker

  • Bank Director

  • Wall Street Journal

  • Various Chamber's of Commerce

  • Local Boards and Non-profits

Asset & Wealth Management

  • Client Type; Wirehouse, Bulge Bracket, Hedge Funds, Institutional, Endowments, Trusts, Registered Investment Advisors, Single/Multi-Family Office. 

  • Candidate Coverage; full-career cycle from C-Suite to experienced professionals with 1-2 years of experience.

  • Positions; Business Development, Financial Advisors, Portfolio Management, Financial Planners, Client Coverage, Research.