key opportunities & trends

  • Moving upstream with a 'team-lift' of top-producers for an existing or new/growth market.

  • Establishing a loan production office.

  • Building effective product partner teams with Treasury Management, Wealth, Capital Markets, etc.

  • Creating industry verticals for; Healthcare, Asset-Based Lending, Government Contract, Municipal/Public Finance, Construction Finance, and many others.


  • Association for Corporate Group (ACG)

  • American Banker

  • Bank Director

  • Wall Street Journal

  • Various Chamber's of Commerce

  • Local Boards and Non-profits

commercial banking

Talent Strategy’s commercial banking sector focuses on finding, developing, and retaining best-in-class talent and superior leadership.

The challenges of the post-financial crisis environment demand a higher quality team of professionals than ever before, and the increasing competition for market share from smaller to medium-sized institutions is formidable.

Strong client relationships are crucial, and finding bankers or a team of bankers, that know how to consistently win new business is critical.

Client Type

International Banks, Domestic International, Regional, Community and Credit Unions.


Corporate Banking, Middle Market, Relationship Managers, Capital Markets, Sponsor Finance, Foreign Exchange, Debt Capital Markets Public Finance/Municipalities, Non-profit, Healthcare, Commercial Real Estate, Construction Finance, Commercial Lending, Private Banking, Treasury Management, Credit/Underwriting, Portfolio Management, Loan Workout/Special Assets, Risk, Compliance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Business Banking, Small Business, SBA, Residential Lending, Retail and Consumer.



Full-career cycle from C-Suite to experienced professionals with 1-2 years of experience.

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